Name :   Missy Bietz
Comments :   I recently learned of soggy dog salon, and i have to say I LOVE IT!!! Very nice people! And I love going there! I felt so good after my bath and stuff! And the treats were awesome!!!
City, State :   Salina, ks
Favorite Photo :   

Comments :   Just wanted to say thank you for taking such wonderful care of our Mickey and Milo. They look wonderful. And the shedding for Mickey,has improved so much. Thank You Gayle and Alex
City, State :   Salina Ks
Favorite Photo :   Mickey and Milos

Name :   Finch Family
Comments :   Thank you so much for the hair cut on our Dog! He looks beautiful!
City, State :   Lindsborg, KS
Favorite Photo :

Name :   Karla Jimenez
Comments :   I love Soggy Dog Salon, the groomers there are so clean and professional. After being with so many groomers that simply did not impress me, Soggy Dog Salon actually left me in a WOW, they provide EXCELLENT service!
City, State :   salina, ks
Favorite Photo :   

Name :   Anna Knutson
Comments :   Thank you so much for taking such great care of Madison when we came to get groomed! She looks wonderful and all of her Kansas City puppy friends are jealous of her new do! We will be back to see you soon!
City, State :   Kansas City, Mo
Favorite Photo :   

Name :   Kim Duell
Comments :   I appreciate the kind and gentle care that Sadie received during her first visit with your salon. After a botched groom elsewhere when we first moved here we were very impressed. Sadie will definitely be a regular - I could tell she felt very pampered. Th
City, State :   Salina, Kansas
Favorite Photo :   

Name :   Paula McKenna/Mary Jo Stedry
Comments :   Ladies: Thank you so much for the photo of Gretchen wearing her beautiful new Doggles. She is 12 y/o and the seizure/stroke she survived damaged her vision making it impossible for her pupils to contract enough to protect her remaining vision in bright
City, State :   Salina, KS
Favorite Photo :   

Name :   Andrea
Comments :   Thanks for doing such a great job on Jackson! Hes so handsome!
City, State :   Salina, KS
Favorite Photo :   Jackson K. Maltese

Name :   Beth Komarek
Comments :   Diane and girls, Thank you so much for bathing Harley and Hannah. They look and act like different dogs and thier coats are beautiful. Bula was so jealous that she didnt get to go along. You gals are awesome.
City, State :   Salina, KS
Favorite Photo :   Bula K. of course.....

Name :   Bambi
Comments :   Diane & Bekki- I want to say THANK YOU so very much for all the love and care you gave my two girls(gypsy & kelli) when they were alive.They always looked so nice when they came home.I also want to say THANK YOU for your concern after I lost the girls.It
City, State :   Salina
Favorite Photo :   

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